Why Buy Wool NZ?

Do you know why buy wool in NZ? New Zealand is a leading producer of wool. There are six sheep per person here, and the industry is well established. However, it is facing some serious challenges.

The cost of shearing eats into farmers’ profits. And prices for strong wool have plummeted. Big Save Furniture, a major NZ retailer of sofas and bedding, has pledged to pay farmers a fair price for their wool.

It’s a natural fibre

Natural fibres are made of cellulose-based plants or animal proteins and include cotton, jute, and flax, while wool is one of the most common and durable. These fibres are a renewable resource, easily replenished each year, and they are naturally biodegradable in soil, returning nutrients to the earth.

It also resists odours and has temperature-regulating properties, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cooling you down when it’s hot. The natural crimp in wool makes it a flexible, resilient material that can bend over 20,000 times without breaking, and it recovers its shape better than synthetics.

Wool is the best choice for those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma or allergies, as it provides comfort and warmth. Studies have shown that babies sleep better and grow faster when they are swaddled in lambs’ wool, which is why hospitals in England and Australia line their incubators with wool.

It’s warm

Wool is a natural insulator that can keep you warm in the cold without overheating your body. Its ability to do this is thanks to the tiny pockets of air in each fiber. These pockets of air help to provide insulation while also being breathable. Additionally, the crimp in each wool fiber helps to wick away moisture from your skin, keeping you warmer even when it’s wet.

One of the best NZ made wool yarns is merino possum, which comes in several different colours. This cosy, soft yarn is great for making hats, snoods, scarves and sweaters. It’s a sustainable fibre that’s both breathable and super soft, making it the perfect choice for your next knitting project. Plus, it helps save New Zealand’s native birds from extinction.

It’s breathable

Unlike polyester fabrics, which can create an environment where bacteria thrives, wool is naturally odor-resistant. It’s because the overlapping scales of wool fibers keep dust and dirt away from the skin, while the lanolin coating acts as a natural antimicrobial. It also takes longer for wool to get dirty and smelly than other materials.

Under a microscope, wool fibers look similar to our own hairs, with an inner core and outer layer. They’re coated with a keratin protein that allows them to coil in a helix shape, giving wool its elasticity and resilience. In addition, you can bend a wool garment up to 20,000 times without it breaking.

Shop our range of super soft NZ made knitting yarn for your next project. From 2 ply merino wool to more durable Corriedale 8 ply, there’s something for everyone!

It’s soft

We have a fantastic selection of wool fibres for knitting, from soft 2ply and 3ply merino to the more durable corriedale 8ply. We also have possum, mohair and cashmere for extra softness. All of our yarns are made in New Zealand.

Wool is a natural fibre that’s naturally temperature regulating, and can absorb up to 35% moisture without feeling cold or wet. It’s also itch-free and feels silk-like next to the skin.

It has excellent elasticity and resilience, so it can bend up to 20,000 times before breaking. This makes it ideal for socks, gloves and hats, as well as sweaters and cardigans. You’ll also find that wool is warm, breathable, and odour-resistant. It also acts as a natural air purifier, absorbing unwanted noise and helping to create a calm atmosphere in your home or office.

It’s easy to care for

Wool is naturally water-resistant and has a protective layer that makes it difficult to stain. It also has a great capacity to absorb moisture and regulate it, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

It’s a sustainable choice and is environmentally friendly to produce, use and recycle. It’s also non-toxic, a natural fire retardant with low ignition threshold and flame spread, and emits very few toxic fumes.

New Zealand’s wool growers are farming families with a passion for their land and a desire to pass it on to the next generation in better condition than they found it. Their sheep are sheared regularly to prevent flystrike and other serious diseases. This is done in a calm and controlled environment by specially trained shearers.

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