Rose Gold Earrings NZ

If you’re thinking about wearing rose gold earrings, you’ve come to the right place! New Zealand has a number of excellent places to buy them. Among the most renowned are Stewart Dawsons and Anna Leyland. However, you can also find a great selection of quality earrings at very reasonable prices.


Sterling rose gold earrings NZ are an elegant way to enhance your look. These beautiful earrings are made of 14K rose gold and sterling silver. They have a cluster of six 2.5mm soft pink morganites that are buffed to a brilliant luster. They are secured with latch backs. You can clean your Sterling rose gold earrings by hand or using a soft cloth. Make sure to avoid putting them in water, as the finish may wear off after a while.

Rose gold jewelry is a popular style among younger brides and grooms. The color is not only fashionable, but also compliments most skin tones. It also goes well with white gold and sterling silver. Moreover, it can be worn casually or for more formal events. A white t-shirt and a little black dress can go well with a pair of rose gold earrings.

If you want to wear something different from your usual silver earrings, rose gold jewelry is the right choice for you. It looks great paired with sterling silver, yellow gold, platinum, and white gold. Its timeless style and durability will complement your other pieces of jewelry. It is a great choice for any occasion.

Anna Leyland

Anna Leyland rose gold earrings are a beautiful way to adorn yourself with a stunning pair of rose gold earrings. Her work is both symbolic and detailed, and she uses pattern to express her ideas. Her work evokes conversations about diversity and multiculturalism. Since 2001, Anna has had over 30 solo shows and is featured in 12 New Zealand galleries. She has won many awards and has a devoted following in New Zealand. She is currently working towards her fourth solo exhibition, slated for November, and is pursuing international opportunities.

Anna Leyland’s designs are inspired by her paintings and use symbolism and pattern to celebrate her love of New Zealand and its diverse people. Inspired by the New Zealand fantail, the earrings feature clear acrylic with rose-gold detailing. The earrings are made with silver hooks for a modern, elegant look.

The artist has been making rose gold earrings for over 15 years. She is also an art teacher at Auckland’s Mount Albert Grammar School. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury. Her work is largely inspired by nature and she is passionate about the subtle details that often go unseen.

Stewart Dawsons

If you’re searching for beautiful rose gold earrings, you’ve come to the right place. Stewart Dawsons has a range of stunning earrings in a variety of styles and colours. From delicate and subtle to bold and glamorous, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for yourself or for someone special. You can choose from rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or even silver stud earrings.

These earrings are made from 14ct yellow gold with rhodium detailing, and feature a round half South Sea pearl that measures 11mm. The stone is a white-pink colour with a delicate lustre. The central stone is millgrain set and is surrounded by sixteen brilliant-cut diamonds that total approximately 0.96ct. The earrings are pierced with lever-back fittings and feature locking backs.

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