Pelican Air Cases

Traveling with heavy or delicate equipment can be stressful. Pelican’s AIR case series is designed to make the trip as easy as possible.

Featuring new super-light proprietary HPX2 polymer, they are up to 40 percent lighter than other cases of the same size.

To lighten the load, they feature honeycombed structural elements that reduce the amount of rigid plastic without sacrificing strength. This makes them airline carry-on compatible and easier to handle.

Lighter Weight

For decades Pelican has been the go-to choice for photographers and video pros who need to ensure their delicate equipment makes it to the shoot and back again. Their cases are known for surviving explosions, shifting pack ice and airplane crashes without a scratch.

Now they’re cutting weight up to 40% while maintaining the same durability. The new ‘Air’ series is the most lightweight cases Pelican has to offer. Their rolling airline carry-on sized models are as close as you’ll find to a soft rolling suitcase, and they’re a great way to avoid those pesky airline overweight fees.

Load up the ‘Air’ cases with camera equipment, drones or anything else and keep your gear safe while traveling. All ‘Air’ cases can be equipped with accessories like Pick ‘n Pluck foam, padded dividers or the new TrekPak infinitly variable divider system. They’re drop tested and submerged to assure ruggedness, but they’ll lighten your load and make it easier to travel with.

More Internal Capacity

Up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, Pelican Air offers the same great protection. Pelican engineers took the opportunity to cut case weight without reducing structural integrity.

Pelican Air cases feature press and pull latches that are tested under extreme pressure to ensure they hold up to rough handling. They also include stainless steel hasps that accept user-supplied padlocks to secure your gear.

Travel smarter with our smallest and longest air case. The 1755 Air is perfect for protecting survey equipment, firearms, camera tripods and other long equipment.

Pelican Air utility cases offer more room for bulky equipment such as drones and cinema-grade cameras, while allowing you to keep valuable gear within reach. The multi-layer* padded divider system allows you to customize your storage needs, while the O-ring seal and equalizing purge valve are standard for watertight and dustproof protection. Keep your gear organized with lid organizers featuring zippered compartments and see-through mesh pockets for passports, cables or small accessories.

Tougher Protection

Pelican cases have been used by adventure travelers and explorers for years to protect their valuable gear. They can take a beating from rough handling by baggage handlers or even be dropped on concrete.

The AIR series of cases are up to 40% lighter than their Protector counterparts while still maintaining that legendary Pelican toughness. They are molded from the next generation of Pelican’s lightweight HPX resin, which uses honeycomb structural elements to cut weight without sacrificing strength or durability.

All AIR cases are drop-tested and submerged in water to ensure ruggedness, and they feature press-and-pull latches for easy opening. They are also available with Pick-N-Pluck foam, padded divider inserts and the new TrekPak infinitely variable divider system. Many also have stainless steel hasps for securing equipment with locks. This gives you the peace of mind to know that your gear will make it from point A to point B intact.

TSA Compliant

When your equipment is in a Pelican case, you can be confident it will arrive at its destination intact. This is not just because the cases are watertight and crush-proof but also because they’ve been dropped, submerged and put through a host of other durability tests like these by the guys at B&H.

Many of the cases in this series are TSA approved and can be used for air travel. The TSA approved combination lock (1506TSA) is easy to set and reset with a user code, allowing TSA agents to open your case without breaking the locks.

If you want to carry your gear in a wheeled case designed for airline check-in, the Pelican 1615TRVL Air Case is the ideal choice. It’s built to maximum airline dimensions for checked baggage without oversize charges and features press and pull latches, in-line wheels, a Vortex valve and two padlock hasps. You can configure the interior with padded dividers or TrekPak for customizable organization.

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